Funny Joke - Big John


Posted on : Sunday, January 17, 2010 | In :

A puny bus driver pulled up at a stop, and a giant of a man got in, "Big John does not pay", he thundered, the bus driven did not want to argue with a man of that size, so he kept quiet.
Next day, the same thing happened, the giant got in "Big John does not pay" he thundered.
This went on for about 7 days. The bus driver by now was starting to resent this, and he did not want to take it lying down, so he joined a Gym, and started an intensive course in body building, after 3 weeks, and with big bulging muscles, he pulled up at the stop, the giant got in " Big John does not pay" said, the driver rose up and showing his muscles said " OH yeah " and why does Big JOhn does not pay " he shouted.
The giant reached inside his pocket, the driver feared for the worsethe giant said " because Big John has bus pass" showing his bus pass to the driver.

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