Funny Joke - The Race


Posted on : Sunday, January 03, 2010 | In :

I was driving back up the M1 at a nice steady just legal speed when a guy on a Honda 50 started overtaking me. There is only so much one can be expected to take. A Honda 50?

I accelerated.
He accelerated.

I accelerated.
He kept pace.

As we passed ninety he gave me a wave.
As we passed a hundred he winked.

When I topped out at a hundred and ten, he casually took one hand off the handlebars, put a cigarette in his mouth and leaned over and tapped on my window.
I lowered the window and he shouted, "Have you got a light?"
I screamed. : "You maniac! You'll kill yourself!"
"No," he replied shaking his head, "I never have more than three a day.

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